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On this page you will find links to official Porsche sites and clubs.

The official site of Porsche Netherlands. There is a list of occasions and sometimes you can find a 928 on it. Unfortunately they do not always mention prices. The ones I checked were very expensive.
The one and only official German site.
The official club for owners of a 928 in the Netherlands. They have about 150 members. Not so large, but it is an active club.
in samenwerking met
For everything you want to know about Porsche. Unfortunately, only a small part of all information is about the 928 and I am sure you all know that part. But if you think Porsche is more than just the 928 you will find some useful information here. Dutch site, but international links.
Here, everything turns around racing. This is All Dutch Porsche Cup Racing. And belief it or not, there is a 928 in competition. The driver is Jean-Paul van Kol.