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On this page you will find links to other homepages of 928 lovers. I have add some comments to the sites that might help you to find what you are looking for.

Alan's Shark site. Alan unites the 928 with a shark. Please turn on your speakers and don't start. Alan has made some modifications to his car. You can find a list of the modifications including some detailed pictures. Site-advice: 928's on film.
David Wolfe's site. Here you will find a maintenance book, tips for buying a 928, lots of pictures of his own 928, an options list, in a word, lots of information of his own 928. David once stood in Stuttgarter Magazine. Site-advice: The Dyno run.
On this site you will find mostly information of his own 928. He claims to have the largest Porsche 928 link page. He could be right.
Phil Tong's site is generally considered to be the mother of all 928 homepages. Over 200.000 hits! It is better to ask what you will not find here. You will find lots of pictures, option codes, a complete survey of all versions, a FAQ-list, etc. etc. A must.
Author unknown, but this is a really nice site about the history of the 928. With technical information of all models. But the best are the pictures. You will find some good looking cars over here. My favorite is the white 1982.
When I saw the 928 on this site, I knew that my Porsche would never look that good. This car looks really great. Especially the engine seems brand new. You can imagine I recommend his pictures. But he also has a large list of 928 "stuff".
A so called GT-site. You will not find there information about S's, but lot's of the GT version. He really has build a technical good site. You do need a Flash player. My recommendation is the technical quality of the site. Sounds on and enjoy.