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On this page you will find links to resellers of 928 parts and technical information.

They keep saying that they are working on a 928 catalogue, but I still have not seen it. But they should be able to supply 928 parts and technical information.
Very extensive. There device:
"Restoration, Preservation and Enhancement of your Porsche 928" !
They are very famous, but it does not look like they have much stuff.
My favorite. They had a new original large door speaker. They can almost supply you with everything you need, used and new. Maybe expensive, but you should be used to that.
If you really want to turn your 928 into a unigue copy, you should take a look over here. Spoilers, illumination, etc. It is really worth the time to take a good look at what they have created. Site in French and English.
The so called renn-list is a site where questions and answers meet. Part of the 928 Owners Club. If you want to have a look in the large database, you have to become a member.