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You can buy a 928 for relatively few money. However, it is not wise to spend your entire budget on the acquisition. Because if there is one thing that can be applied to a 928, it is that maintaining the car is a costly business. Logically result is that fans are willing to pay more for a reasonable well maintained copy, so being economical on purchase won't help you either. In spite of a present maintenance book, a stack of bills, a reliable salesman and all the checks you can get, you must also have some luck. And because luck can sometimes be against you, you must have a money-box somewhere.

In the maintenance books you can inspect all the bills of my 928's. I will try to give you all the information I have on costs of the cars. Of course I will not include bills of wax, leather-conditioner, the new radio etc. My administration is only one of the many, so it is not representative, but it is better than nothing. You must also take into account that I want to keep my 928's in original shape and sometimes replace parts that are slightly damaged. The number of kilometers that you drive each year also affects the height of the costs. The 928 S4 is used daily. It drives about 20.000 kilometers a year. The 928 S3 is only used on special occurrences. In one year not more than 7.500 kilometers. All prices are in Euro. Right now one Euro is about 1.1 US$, but half a year ago it was 0.9, so starting from the principle that one Euro is one US$ makes it very easy for all of us.

Besides maintenance there is also fuel consumption. The average consumption is 12.1 liters on 100 km for the S4 and 13.2 liters for the S3.

You can also find stories about repairs and activities on the 928's. I hope it will not become too many, of course, but if interesting things can be told or seen, you will find them over here.

Please remind that my native language is not English. If you find any errors in spelling, please let me know, so I can make these maintenance books self-evident for everybody.