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Through this link you will enter the registration form. You might wonder, why register? With the given information I will create various statistics of the current 928 auto park, spread all over the world. So, the statistics are not based on sales figures, but on your information. The statistics are updated periodical. There is no smart on-line database behind this site, so you will have to wait a while before your information is added. Non of the fields is obliged. But I would like it a lot if you fill in your name and e-mail address. For me, that is the only way to know you and to contact you in the future. I will never pass this information through to anyone else. It is just for the statistics. In the future I will only use the e-mail addresses for supplementary questions. If you do not want that, please state that in the "Any comment" box. After you send the information, you will see an ugly screen with a confirmation text. Unfortunately I can not change this. Long live the internet provides.