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The Porsche 928 is sold in many different colours. Besides factory colours, you could also have your car painted in your own preferred colour. Through this page you will find all factory colours of all construction years. Besides an as good as possible reproduction of the colour you will also find the correct colour code. Porsche used several code systems throughout the years. All codes I know are restored. If you miss something or have a code that is not listed, please let me know. Maybe I can find some information for you.
SUMMON: Do you have a Porsche 928 in a standard colour of a specified construction year? And do you have a nice picture of it? And do want it to be published on this site? Then e-mail it to me. The higher the resolution the better. If you do not want your license plate number to be on the web, you have to make it unreadable yourself. I do not have any problems with it at all, but do mind retouching all the pictures. Thanks in advance.

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